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Alabama Traffic Violation Defense Attorneys - Serving The Entire State Of Alabama Centrally Located To Better Serve Your Needs
Stopped for Speeding? Contact Us Before You Pay Your Ticket


If you received a traffic ticket while traveling through Alabama, the Alabama Traffic Violation Defense Attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, LLC can help.

Here's how we can HELP you:

• During your initial call, we will obtain the relevant Alabama traffic charge information to then begin working on your case.

• For your convenience, you can pay by your Alabama attorney fee, by credit or debit card over the phone. Other payment options are available.

• We will file a Limited Notice of Appearance so we can appear in court for you and you likely will not have to travel back to Alabama to appear in court.

• Our goal in every case is to do everything we can to have the Alabama traffic ticket charge DISMISSED.

• We will speak to and negotiate with the prosecuting attorney, Court Clerk, and/or Judge's office about the possibility of resolving your case to get you the best result possible in your Alabama traffic

• While working towards a dismissal or settlement we can try to reduce or dismiss the charge, reduce or eliminate any driver's license points,

I don't live in Alabama or have an Alabama Driver's License? My state will never know.

This statement is false and here is why:

• Alabama is a member of the Driver's License Compact (DLC) and as a member, it reports Alabama traffic violations that occur in Alabama by those licensed in other member states to the offender's home state.

• All but 5 states are members of the Driver's License Compact.

• In most circumstances, your home state will learn of your Alabama traffic ticket or speeding conviction and you could suffer adverse consequences and points against your license.

• If you don't pay or appear in Alabama traffic and criminal Court and you get pulled over in Alabama again, the consequences will be greater with the possibility of going to jail until your ticket is paid and having to pay even higher fines.

• When you renew your license, your home state may have been notified about your Alabama traffic ticket charge and require you to pay the Alabama traffic violation fine and costs and if warrants have been issued by a Court in Alabama, a trip to Alabama will be required in most circumstances.

Call on us TODAY and let us put our years of experience with hundreds of cases handled to work for you! 866-347-2889.

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